Welcome to the Thriving Teacher course!

You probably didn't learn in college how to be a virtual teacher. I'm guessing you didn't do your student-teaching from a laptop screen. When the coronavirus hit and you were forced to convert everything you do to a distance learning, virtual classroom, you were probably like the millions of teachers around the world being introduced to a brand new way of teaching. And I'm guessing it has come with some very real, very frustrating challenges.

I've heard too many people say things like, "We just have to survive this pandemic teaching. We've just got to make it through it." And while that's true, this is a temporary moment in our lives and I do believe that we will at some point get back to safe in-person teaching in a physical classroom again, I believe we can do more than just survive this time in a virtual classroom.

We can thrive in it.

And so that is what this course is all about. We're going to be talking about, in depth, many different tested and proven practices to be successful as a virtual teacher. You may not have been trained as a virtual teacher yet, but you are a teacher, and that means you are a highly adaptable, skilled, and creative professional. And those are the traits you need to succeed during this unfamiliar, often difficult time. So let's get started as we discover new ways to go from surviving to thriving as a virtual teacher. 

Because you will always be able to access this course and its content, you can watch the videos as many times as you need to. However, I would strongly recommend making notes as you watch. We cover a lot of ground in these 8 modules, and jotting down main ideas as well as your thoughts and reactions as you go will help greatly.

I hope you enjoy the course and sincerely hope it helps you thrive in all of the work you do.